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Do you need immediate legal advice directly from the attorney?
  • Attorney Carson Newton answers the calls himself ready to provide you immediate advice. He is always available for your call, morning, noon and night.
  • Mr. Newton’s vast experience includes 1000’s of family law and civil litigation matters, cases all the way through trial and even appeal. This experience will prove invaluable to you.
Do you need an attorney but have a limited budget?
  • Mr. Newton works with all of his clients to tailor his services to exactly what the client needs.
  • If necessary, Mr. Newton will take payments toward the legal fees. Mr. Newton does not require a large upfront retainer to work with him.
  • Mr. Newton charges a fair and affordable hourly rate.
Have you had problems working with previous attorneys?
  • Mr. Newton is available to all of his clients by cell phone. This provides the necessary communication that is so key to a successful attorney client relationship.
  • Mr. Newton is very flexible with strategies and always provides the best possible legal services no matter how much the client may have paid.
  • My staff has has the highest level of experience and take pride in getting job done the right way.



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